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Open as Usual

Worried about your immune system?

Looking for ways to avoid getting sick?

Talk to us about how we can get your body defending itself!

Research from Cedars-Sinai Medical Centre in Los Angeles indicates that a 45 minute treatment increases the white blood cells, which have a large role in defending the body from disease and increase the lymph flow that helps detox the body. It also helps decrease stress and inflammation, which is associated with respiratory conditions.

At Massage Weymouth in our Melcombe Avenue treatment room, we have had a “1 out and 1 in” policy, giving us the best professional conduct and opportunity to not cross-contaminate anything between clients.

Surfaces are wiped down and towels are changed before each client steps into the treatment room. This is all done in a relaxed and closed environment with only 2 people within the building at a time – unlike other therapy locations having to work from a public building; i.e gym, leisure facility or salon.

Come visit us and let us start helping you boost your immune system in one of the most controlled environments locally possible.

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