Gordon is the head therapist and owner of Massage Weymouth. He has been a qualified massage therapist since 2010.

From 2011 to 2014 Gordon worked with the Australian Olympic and Para-Olympic sailing teams around the UK and Europe, gathering world class experience from the leading physiotherapists. Gordon originates from Weymouth and opened Massage Weymouth in 2010, where he also started working closely with local athletic associations like the Egdon Harriers running club, Bustinskins Triathlon club and leading physiotherapists and osteopaths in this local area based at Formotion Clinic.

With his extensive background of 16 years as a professional dancer and a qualified fitness instructor since 2007, he knows first hand about stress and strain on the body & mind and how important it is to maintain a workable and healthy lifestyle. Whether you have an athletic, fitness or health related issue, or you are just wanting to unwind, Gordon and the team at Massage Weymouth are the most professional and experienced massage team in south Dorset and look forward to helping you.

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Rachel R

Rachel was trained by one of the worlds leading Spa Companies – Steiner.

Since 2004 her work within 6 star spas has taken her all over the world and that experience has enhanced the quality and range of treatments that she can offer today at Massage Weymouth.

Rachel is passionate about helping her clients and finding the right treatment for you. From a Deep Tissue massage or Lymphatic Drainage to help speed up recovery, a heat treatment like Hot Stones or Poultice for those deeper relaxing moments, or just balancing your body and mind with lighter treatments like Aromatherapy or Swedish massage.

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Tori is a Batchelor of Science graduate in Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation. This was a clear choice for her due to her background in National level Athletics.

Tori specialises in musculoskeletal conditions and uses a variety of treatment methods such as postural correction, sports/remedial massage, mobilisation and manual therapy. She is very passionate about health and fitness and truly believes that pre-hab and post injury rehabilitation protocols must be performed to aid a successful recovery.

Tori’s places of work include AFC Bournemouth Academy and Weymouth Football Club, where she attends to the immediate care of players’ on and off the pitch. She is also based in a Wimbourne clinic, as well as here at Massage Weymouth. This varied work gives her a diverse depth of experience and she enjoys working with a diverse group of people, to optimise their health and recover from injuries of any kind by using hands on treatment.

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Rachael B

Rachael is an Active IQ Level 3 Sports massage therapist; Fitness Instructor and Biomechanics trainer. Studied in London with Mike Grice who is a qualified osteopath/sports massage therapist and a well respected Biomechanics coach at the International Olympic Committee’s conference for Injury prevention.

Rachael has been working in the fitness industry for 17 years as well as training and competing for years in swimming and triathlon herself. She knows from personal experience about stresses, strains, muscle imbalance and injury and wants to help others maintain or return to their full physical fitness.


Chris is a Bsc qualified Sports Therapist and has a Masters (Msc) in Strength and Conditioning which he obtained from Coventry University, graduating in 2011.

After graduating, Chris worked in professional football with AFC Bournemouth for 6 successful seasons helping them achieve promotion to the Premier League. Therefore, Chris’ expertise lies in sports massage and lower limb musculoskeletal injuries from initial injury assessment to full treatment and complete rehabilitation. Working as part of a multidisciplinary team was invaluable and has given Chris the experience and knowledge to confidently meet your needs.

With a friendly and laid back personality, down to his lifestyle of surfing and travelling, Chris is sure to make you feel relaxed and at ease during your journey with Massage Weymouth.


Zoe qualified as a Health and Beauty Therapist in 2017. After completing an intense course at the Waterloo Training Room in Poole, she specialises in lava shell massage.


Lyndsey gained her ITEC qualification “Diploma in Holistic Massage” from practitioner Teresa Rich, in Bournemouth and from Reflexology UK LTD.

Lyndsey has worked in the pharmacy sector since 2003 successfully helping people on an individual basis. Her passion for wanting to help people with conventional medicine has driven her to become a (NPA) accredited checking technician and have a huge interest and insight in to how complementary therapy, such as massage, can help improve the health and well-being of an individual.

Massage has many benefits on the body such as relaxation, pain relief and stress reduction. Lyndsey looks forward to helping her clients in her own unique way, using all of her background knowledge in medicine and the physiology of the body, using her special techniques in massage therapy.

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