After an initial medical consultation, a small amount of time will be set aside during future therapies to aid you in the progression within your treatment. Also any questions you may have can also be discussed at this point.

(Un)dress the part

Please wear sensible underwear. Clean towels will be used to cover body areas not being worked on, this providing warmth, comfort and modesty.


Drinking water after your treatment is advised (1.5 – 2 litres throughout the day) to flush out toxins.

Within tour treatment time stretches will be demonstrated and given when necessary enabling you to progress in your treatment at home and or at work.

The Basic Benefits of Massage


Massage stimulates the production of endorphins, our bodies’ natural painkiller and so reduces levels of stress hormones, this improving your feeling of wellbeing.

Soothes Tired Aching Muscles

Rhythmical manual pressure stretches your muscles, relieving fatigue, tension and anxiety. It stimulates your circulation to promote lymphatic drainage to help harmful toxins release from your body.

Muscle Tone and Skin Condition

Massage promotes flexibility and skin tone by loosening contracted muscles and stimulating weak flaccid muscles. The function of Sebaceous (oil) glands and sweat glands is improved, giving you softer and supple skin.

Other Benefits