Sports Therapy – Rehabilitation Program

As a Sports Therapist the primary aim is to get you back to full functioning ability/fitness. This is achieved through the combination of an individually tailored treatment and once we have resolved the discomfort that was making movement awkward/painful, we can move forward to a rehabilitation programme, making those weak areas strong again. Rehabilitation is solely aimed at identifying and resolving your issues/injuries. Together we can achieve your goals and get you back to your personal 100%.

We have a highly skilled team that have experience with a wide range of injuries/issues including: all Muscle Strains, Posture Weakness, Ankle Sprains, Knee Pain, Lower Back Pain, Rotator Cuff Injuries, Shoulder and Neck Injury, preparation and recovery for generalised soft tissue, muscular and bone or joint surgeries – such as pre and post Hip Replacement preparative therapy / rehabilitation.

Times & Prices

First session/consultation
Treatments thereafter

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